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Join Katherine on her back porch for a live, for an accessible, gentle yoga class Wednesday mornings via Zoom.
Tune in at 9:45 for community or at 10am for just the yoga practice.
Due to COVID-19, many people are experiencing economic hardship, the suggested class donation is: $10-20 to Katherine via Venmo. If you are out of work due to COVID, please feel free to pay whatever you can.

ALL are truly welcome, even if you cannot pay at this time.

Starting April 1:

Wednesdays 9:45/10-11am

Here is the weekly Zoom class link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/902605448

  • PROPS: for class please have handy...
    • 2 chairs (preferably without arm rests)
    • yoga block (or something that functions as a block: stack of books or step stool etc.)
    • blanket (or bath towel)
    • strap (or belt or beach towel)
    • a couple pillows


9:45-10am: Optional Community Check-in:

Participants who are online at 9:45, will get an opportunity to give a brief share about what their body-heart-mind may be needing or experiencing that particular day. Depending what is present in the "Zoom room", we may simply just enjoy connection/community or do a breath exercise and/or brief guided meditation.

10-11am: Gentle yoga:
Each class will vary, but please have the props listed above available and ready to use for our practice. The use of these props will help our practice be most accessible and compassionate. Participants will have the option of practicing on the floor or the chair.

Zoom Yoga-Meeting Etiquette
  • If it is your first time using Zoom please log on 10 minutes early in order to work out any potential issues.
  • AUDIO: Audio can be on at the beginning of class to say hi, but please mute your audio once class has began.
  • VIDEO: You are welcome to not show your video if that is most comfortable for you.
  • BENEFITS OF SHOWING YOUR VIDEO: seeing each other helps create a sense of community and connection. Plus, if Katherine can see you, she can know how you all are doing with the practice
  • IF YOU DO SHOW YOUR VIDEO: Thank you! And if you need to do anything other than class that might be distracting (eat, talk to a family member) please turn off your video :)