Aqua Yoga is a fun, gentle and often more subtle form of yoga that many bodies can enjoy.

The pool is an ideal environment for relieving pain and stiffness. In the water, joints are supported allowing free movement while also acting as resistance to help strengthen muscles.

Yoga in the water challenges balance and illuminates the quality of breath. All you need is a swimsuit, a towel and curiosity. Putting your head underwater or swimming is not required.

Classes are taught by Katherine Winge C-IAYT. Katherine has over 1000 hours of yoga and meditation teacher training. She is a Aqua Kriya Yoga Specialist and trained under Camella Nair in 2010. Katherine created Austin Aqua Yoga shortly after her training and is honored to share the gift of aqua yoga. You may learn more about Katherine and her other offerings at

"Yoga originated in India, but has become a  household name in the West. Most everyone has some experience or introduction to its practice. But...Aqua Yoga ???  I was very eager to try this novel experience, having done 'floor' yoga most of my life. The experience was something else! Done in the deliciously heated pool, it was like a gentle flow,  a dance,  an almost hypnotic feeling.... although you could feel the core and other muscles engaging strongly. Katherine leads you through the 'asanas' with clear direction and her soft gentle voice and pace is ever so nurturing. A must try for anyone, even those apprehensive in worries....your feet are on the pool  floor, but the experience is magical."

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