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Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the 2018 Aqua Yoga season end?
Each year the Aqua yoga season typically lasts May through October. We will be ending this year a little bit early, on September 23rd.
Classes will start up again in May 2019.

Are there any Aqua Yoga classes recorded that I can practice along with on my own?
Yes, you will find class audio downloads on the "Sequence Sheet and Downloads' page.

Are are there any spots open in class this weekend?
There are only 10 spots for each class. Once a particular class or series sells out it will no longer be displayed. Sometimes student who register for a series are unable to attend a particular class which leaves an opening. Feel free to email Katherine at katherineheartsyoga@gmail.com to inquire.

I cannot attend one of the classes in the series I purchased/ I missed the class I purchased, can I show up to another class to make up for that date?
No. Unfortunately, any purchased classes that you miss cannot be made up. Due to the limited space in each class and the registration process, class credit is non-transferable.
If you think you might not make it to every class in a series you may buy the classes as singles or gift the class to a friend. Please read terms and conditions for refund details.

I can't swim, will that be a problem?

No. No swimming will be required. The pool is just 4.5/5 feet deep.

I have never done yoga before/ I am not flexible, would aqua yoga be a good fit?

Yes! Aqua yoga is a fantastic introduction to the practice of yoga! For new students interested in a Sunday class, "Restorative Aqua Yoga" is recommended. The Restorative class moves a slower pace and has more basic postures. All are welcome!

How do I register for a class?
Please scroll to the bottom of "Sunday classes" or "Purchase a Class" page and purchase a class to reserve your spot.

How much are classes?
$16 for a single class or if you buy a month-long discounted pack of classes, each class comes to $13.50.

Why is the series or single class I'm looking for not displayed?
If the class is not displayed it is sold out. To be notified as soon as single classes go on sale please add your email to our mailing list.

Where are Sunday classes held?
At Floating Lotus Watsu Pool (part of Sol Healing and Wellness Center). The address is:
13805B Ann Pl, Austin, TX 78728

What do I bring to class?
  • Water
  • the pool is mostly shaded but sunglasses/ hat/ sunscreen if you burn easily
  • towel
  • water shoes are not necessary but if prefer to wear them, please be sure they have a soft sole.

I am pregnant, would aqua yoga be a good fit?
Yes! Aqua Yoga is usually a fabulous practice for moms-to-be. Floating Lotus Watsu pool is around 90-93 degrees. Some women run a little extra warm during pregnancy and might find a colder pool more pleasurable. If are sensitive to 93 water, attending a aqua yoga class at Townlake Ymca or Northwest Ymca may be a better fit. Ymca instructional pools are usually no warmer than 89 degrees. Katherine no longer teaches at the ymca but the teachers there are great.

Will I have to get my hair wet?
No. None of the postures require putting your head under water.

Can my child attend?
If you child is 15+. The classes are geared towards adults.

More questions?
Email Katherine at katherinheartsyoga@gmail.com