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Day Retreat: Aqua Yoga and Self Compassion

Day Retreat: Aqua Yoga and Self Compassion

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Aqua Yoga and Self Compassion Retreat

Saturday September 28th, 3-6pm

Self-compassion is treating oneself as you would a good friend―supportive and kind in good times and bad.
Self-compassion is a powerful, research-based tool for staying resilient through hard times, forming and deepening healthy relationships and finding the courage to take necessary risks for self-growth.
A good friend is present, supportive, puts you at ease, and helps you grow. Just like a good friend, doing yoga in water is an excellent way to practice self-compassion. Take all the benefits of yoga and add warm water. Warm water is supportive to joints, slows the mind-body down, and encourages a deeper kinesthetic awareness. Support, ease, presence, and awareness are keys to cultivating an embodied self-compassion practice.
Please join us for this mini self-care retreat where we will enjoy:
  • Guided self-compassion meditation
  • writing exercises,
  • connection,
  • snacks and tea
  • aqua yoga

at Sol Healing and Wellness Center and Floating Lotus Watsu Pool 13805 Ann Place, Austin Tx 78728

Early bird discount: $50/ after 9/15: $60

About Aqua Yoga at Floating Lotus Pool
Yoga in the pool is great way to unwind and slow down. Practiced in chest deep water (getting hair wet not required), aqua yoga combines mindful flowing moments to keep the body warm with longer held poses that strengthen and stretch muscles. This class is great for relaxation, decreasing inflammation and practice balance. This all-levels Aqua Yoga class is excellent for people interested in mindful body awareness, increased flexibility and strength.