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Class Audio Download PACKAGE: Prenatal Aqua Yoga

Class Audio Download PACKAGE: Prenatal Aqua Yoga

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This Class The Pool

1 hour class, mp3 download and 8 x 11.5 laminated sequence sheet with images of each pose.


Prenatal Aqua Yoga
This well rounded, one hour practice incorporates “flow” (simple breath linked movements) and longer held poses. For this sequence you will need a pool with steps and a ladder.

Emphasis will be on lengthening the trunk and backs of legs, relieving back and shoulder tension and opening the pelvic.

Class concludes with a short "savasana" (relaxation pose) to the sound of tibetan bowls.

Who would benefit from this class?

Students who are...

  • pregnant
  • looking to create length in the trunk, legs and pelvic

Practice along with this mp3 in water no deeper than chest-depth at a temperature preferably warmer than 85 degrees. If you are pregnant water cooler than 90 degrees may feel best.

You will need at least one "water noodle" or floatation device.

  • 1 hour class audio, Mp3
    plus 8.5 x 11 (pictures of poses in full color) laminated companion sheet.