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Aqua Yoga 10/13 at >11:30AM<: 1 CLASS

Aqua Yoga 10/13 at >11:30AM<: 1 CLASS

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October Aqua Yoga Theme
In October we will be applying the yogic technique Drshti. Drishti helps us control our attention. We use drishti in our physical yoga practice by gazing in specific directions during poses. Drishti is not only a physical practice of the eyes, it can also be a spiritual/psychological/philosophical life practice. The inner practice of drishti can help us let go of misperceptions that cause suffering and cultivate a world view rooted in deep wisdom, which is the foundation of a more peaceful mind.
Single class: October 13th at 11:30AM

About Aqua Yoga at Floating Lotus Pool
Yoga in the pool is great way to unwind and slow down. Practiced in chest deep water (getting hair wet not required), aqua yoga combines mindful flowing moments to keep the body warm with longer held poses that strengthen and stretch muscles. This class is great for relaxation, decreasing inflammation and practice balance. This all-levels Aqua Yoga class is excellent for people interested in mindful body awareness, increased flexibility and strength.